Bookstagang Best of 2021!!

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🚨🚨🚨THIS IS IT!!🚨🚨🚨

FINALLY, we can share the winners of the #bookstagang’s BEST Picture Books of the year!

We made some important changes this year – namely our brand new final category (swipe to see it!), Conversation Starters. We agonized over how to give the proper, thoughtful space to some of our absolute favourite books this year and what has resulted is one of the most well-rounded lists of important books that you could happily batch request from the library or add to a book wishlist to help fill in so many important gaps in your home library and facilitate some big important conversations about everything from emotions, to grief, to family separation, and more.

I am also overjoyed that some of my TIPPY TOP favourite books of the year have absolutely dominated this list Grandad’s Camper, Mr. Watsons Chickens, Everybody In The Red Brick Building, Dream Street, Eyes That Kiss In The Corners, What Happened To You?, Gitty And Kvetch, When Lola Visits, An ABC Of Black History, The Bare Naked Book… and SO many more listed in these winners are (to me!) INSTANT classics that will without a single doubt endure the test of time.

Over the 4 months that it takes to put this list together we have had countless discussions amongst the judging group and debated the finer points and shared our favourite bits of around 400 different books. We have both laughed and quite literally cried at some of them – and we did it all together. Judging this list each year is truly a team sport in the truest sense of the word and I am eternally grateful for everyone’s incredible contributions to the team.

This is without a single doubt in my mind the best year of books to date and the most incredible well rounded and diverse list of winners we have ever had. When I see this I am heartened that there actually is change building in publishing – and so much more to come if we keep fighting for it.

➡️➡️Like what you see? I would be forever grateful if you hit up my list! I earn a tiny commission and it means the world to me – I every time cheer every time one of you uses them!


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